tisdag 31 januari 2012

Best wishes-card

Another card for the 365 cards challenge, day 336 -Simply Stated. The challenge is to use a sentiment with only two words. Here is my card:

Very pink... not what I usually make, but fun anyway ;)

Close-up of the sentiment.

söndag 29 januari 2012

Crazy January first finish!!

I finaly have my first finish, a small one, but still. Feels good ;)

I´ll hang this in the kitchen. Very nice to have a finished project, now on to the rest!

Sunday-greetings from my stitchingbuddy Remus <3

365 cards, and Less is More

Less is More challenge this week is a sketch and the 365 cards day 334 is to use the word "good" on the card. I made a card I would like to enterinto both challenges:

A Good Luck - card for a friend starting a new job.

Thanks for the challenges!

fredag 27 januari 2012

365 cards day 332 - Itsy bitsy

Another 365 cards challenge, to make a card no bigger than 3' x 3'. I made a tiny card just under 3':

MS big butterflypunch, and patterned paper from my local hobbystore.

Sideshot :)

365 cards day 330 - I´ve got it covered

This challenge at 365 cards is to use at least 2 different patterned papers for the background, making sure they don't overlap. I made a birthdaycard for my friend´s daughter:

KennyK stamp Download Diva, two patterned papers, I used Retro Flower punch to make flowers of the same paper I used for the background, and Fiskars borderpunch for the border, and a little glitterglue.

torsdag 26 januari 2012

365 cards day 331 - Nautical

A very fun challenge at 365 cards, Nautical. I´m a huge pirate-fan, so I made a pirate birthday-card:

The ship (looks a little like Sparrows beloved Pearl!) is cut from a 12' x 12' paper, the palmtree an the rock in the right corner cut from the same paper as the ship. Gems as coconuts, a few flags and a crab. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate´s life for me!

tisdag 24 januari 2012

365 cards day 329- Color scheme

You get 5 colors to play with, here is my card:

Very simple, flower-rainbow. The gray cardstock is painted with glitterglue, but it doesn´t show in the foto.

I also made a bookmark, again very simple.

(the pictures are crappy, not enough daylight in this country in the winter..;) )


Since I´ll be doing both WIPocalypse and Crazy January Challenge this year, I thought it would be a good idea to join TUSAL(TotalyUselessStitch-a-long). I´ve seen fotos of jars with bits of yarn, and been wondering what´s it about. Then I found the answer in  Daffycat ´s blog: you simply put all the small bits of yarn that you cut of when you stitch, and put them in a jar. Then take a foto of the jar once a month, and post your progress on your blog, and on Daffycats blog. Now, time to find a nice jar and start working on filling it :)

365 cards challenge, day 328 Super sketchy sunday

The 365 cards sketch challenges are always nice, and I finaly got around to making a card:

A christmascard with unusual colours. Tilda and DCWV papers, the flower is from an old candle decoration.

måndag 23 januari 2012

WIPocalypse first check-in, and CJC starts 11-15

So, my very first WIPocalypse report, yay! I just joined a few days before deadline so that´s why this is almost a last minute post.
First up: Scarlet Wizard by Dimensions. This is where I left it a few years ago...:

And here´s my progress:

He finaly has a face :)

The second one: Legend of Zelda stained glass, my first CJC 2012 start, this is how far I got:

And my progress, 2 pages of 20 :

I really love stitching this, I´m a HUGE Zelda-fan!

Ok, on to the CJC:

Start 11: HAED Cinderella:

Start 12 and 13: Home Sweet home pillows

Start 14 and 15: Gingham hearts:

I made it! 15 new WIPs. I also have 15 UFOs that will be a part of this, but they are not listed yet, I´m just glad I kept up with starting a new one every day for 15 days.
 It´s blogging about it thats a little late. Lazy, who, me?
All these starts are also part of the WIPocalypse.


onsdag 11 januari 2012

Crazy January days 8-10

Time for another update:

Day 8: Noel Heart sampler (CrossStitcher magazine 192)

Day 9: one Home sweet home pillow (CrossStitcher magazine 199)

Day 10: Wine (left one)

Just 5 more to go, then time for the UFOs.

Remus, my little stitching buddy <3

tisdag 10 januari 2012

WIPocalypse 2012

I have more UFOs/WIPs than I ever will be able to finish... unless I join something like WIPocalypse! This is a wonderful way to stay motivated, and actually get something done. I love starting new projects, and new and wonderful designs just keep on coming... And as I also joined the Crazy January challenge I´ll have 15 new WIPs... and also 15 UFOs will be part of the Crazy january challenge. So I know what I´ll be doing this year!

I signed up yesterday, at the last minute, last day to sign up is 15th of january.

This will be fun, my poor forgotten UFOs will finaly see some daylight, for the first time in a few years.

söndag 8 januari 2012

Crazy January days 4, 5, 6 and 7

Hi! Thanks for the lovely comments, and welcome followers <3.

So, not enough time left to blog, when all I wanna do is stitch! Starts 4-7:

2012 challenge freebie Lots of Hearts,
and Koi Hanging.

Mika Häkkinen, finally starting this, had it for 7 years now, I think. Thats the great thing about this challenge, even if I don´t finish these, at least I´ve started stiching them.

Wine , a set of three, the first is almost finished (will be one of my 15 UFOs) , this is the second one.

Happy stitching!!

lördag 7 januari 2012

Magnoliahaaste 82

Tähän Magnoliahaasteeseen piti tehdä kortti luonnoksen mukaan. Tässä korttini:

Ihana merenneito-Tilda!
Kuviopaperi ostettu Tiimarista jossain vaiheessa.

Lähikuva. Kimalleliimaa joka puolella, vaikka ei näy niin hyvin.

tisdag 3 januari 2012

Crazy January days 1, 2 and 3

Here are my 3 first starts :

Day 1: Legend of Zelda Stained glass.

This is gonna be a big one...

Day 2: Lady with rose (don´t kow the real name, it´s russian)

Day 3: With enough coffee I can last the day, made good progress on this.

Now some sleep, more stitching tomorrow!