fredag 18 april 2014

Wipocalypse April Check-in


Time for Another check-in, and I finaly have something to show: TWO finishes, yay!

First, The Legend of Zelda, done :)

And then, a little more colour, Koi Carp, done :)

Sorry for the bad pic, this is what i will be working on next, Dreaming of Tuscany, started this a long time ago.
Then on to this months topic: how you organize your stash. The sad truth, I don´t.. This is just a small part of my stash, but it´s such a mess..

And here is my super-cute stitching-buddy, Remus <3
Thanks for visiting!

tisdag 25 mars 2014

Wipocalypse 2014

  Wipocalypse 2014 , hosted by measi
Well, time really does fly, I started writing this post back in january.... Maybe it´s time to post something..
And time to dig out all the WIP's and try to finish some of them :-) . This year my main project is the Legend of Zelda stained glass piece I've promised to make for my daughter. I started it back in 2012, been stitching on and off.

This is my progress so far:
An since I took this picture in January (when I was going to blog about it....) I have managed to get more of it done, not much left now :) , but that will be next month's update. ;)
Oh, I almost forgot this month's topic, my favourite place to stitch. Well, I think most people would say it's very uncomfortable, but I sit cross-legged on the livingroom floor when I stitch, as my couch is occupied by my kids and my cat . I have no pic of this, but the floor itself can be seen in the above pic, lol :)
That´s all for now, thanks for dropping by!