tisdag 3 januari 2012

Crazy January days 1, 2 and 3

Here are my 3 first starts :

Day 1: Legend of Zelda Stained glass.

This is gonna be a big one...

Day 2: Lady with rose (don´t kow the real name, it´s russian)

Day 3: With enough coffee I can last the day, made good progress on this.

Now some sleep, more stitching tomorrow!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Lady with Rose is beautiful, but looks like a whole lot of dark stitching. Are the directions in Russian too?

  2. Hi! And welcome! The directions are a mix of english and russian, but it´s just "normal stitches". Yup, dark colors on black fabric, a struggle sometimes.

  3. Wonderful starts on lovely projects!
    Happy Stitching.