onsdag 11 april 2012

Wipocalypse April check-in, and CJC

Hi! Well, what can I say, not the most active blogger, am I? But at least I have managed to do some stitching. Time for a Wipocalypse check-in !

First up: Stained glass Zelda. One more page done, upper left corner. 16 more pages to go. So far I have only used threads that I had in my stash, interesting to see how far I can go before I have to hit the store ;)

 I´m so in love with this, can´t wait to see it on the wall! My older daughter claimed this, might have to make one for myself also :) My girls are also HUGE Zelda-fans, just like me.

Next up: Koi carp hanging, part of my Crazy january challenge. This is where I left it in Januari:

And here is it now. This is for my younger daughter and she has requested that I make the second carp gray/black. For this I have also only used stuff I already had.

Thanks for stopping by!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Heidi, the Zelda piece is fascinating and it's lovely to see someone stitching the koi carp. That one is on my list of pieces that I would like to stitch some day.

  2. Nice stitching. You made good progress this month :)

  3. Nice stitching. You made good progress this month :)