onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Crazy january challenge 2012

This is what I´ve come up with so far:
-Pot of flowers
-With enough coffee I can last the day
- Small winter-card

- Koi hanging
- Keep calm and cross stitch
- Gingham heart red
-Gingham heart white

-HAED Cinderella

- Wine 1
- Wine 2
( The almost finished one in the middle is there just for show, as I can´t find the picture. It´s a set of three, the unfinished one will also be in the challenge as I´m also making 15 UFO`s)

-HAED Fantasy fairy
- Mika Häkkinen (I´m looking forward to stitching this, I´ve had it for ages)

- Roses tablecloth (this might be replaced yet)
-Popcorn fishing

So there are my first 14, this list might change. I have decided on the 15th, but for some reason I couldn´t find the photo, so I´ll post that later, along with possible changes, and the UFO´s.
I´m so exited!!

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